Beach Palms vs Miami Freaks.

—Content of this Video—
0:00 – South Beach Palms vs Miami Freaks (Intro)
0:02 – Heather Hudson on Screen (South Beach Palms)
0:04 – Andres Montenegro on Screen (Miami Freaks)
0:09 – Heather Hudson vs. Andres Montenegro (Bar Muscle – Up)
0:30 – Alex Alvarez on Screen (Miami Freaks)
0:33 – Heather Hudson vs. Alex Alvarez (Bar Muscle – Up)

You will not see head to head male vs female races in sports anywhere else (that we know of).

This Ringer point features the triple touch which is a combo of toes to bar, chest to bar and bar muscle up in one movement.

Each team selects a Ringer Point race option for each match and can choose what players they feel give them the best chance to win based on their roster. That player cannot compete in another ringer point race for the rest of the year UNLESS in the playoffs as the selections are reset at the end of the regular season.

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