TOP PLAYER PERFORMANCES league wide – Week 2 usa fit games 

The USA Fit Games event was the first for the Northern Conference and showcased all 8 teams in the League. If you missed the event, here is a recap of what happened or watch the full length matches at this page.

This report shows the top 10 impact scores across both Conferences. For more on the definition of an Impact Score, read this article.  More details about impact scores from this event will be released in future Insider Reports. This includes top scores across Conferences, teams, and totals for the Year.

A few things to note about this report:

  • The Lions and Aces match ended in GridLock which is a bonus race to determine the tiebreak match win. The extra reps performed in that race were attributed to the players that performed them.
  • The Gainesville Wild had 3 of the top 5 Impact Scores
  • The top 10 scores featured 5 Utility Players, 4 Strength Specialists and 1 Bodyweight Specialist, Eric Cardona, who was also the top Impact Score performer across all teams in Week 1 of the Southern Conference.


To learn more about player stats read this article.


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Top Players League Wide

Week 1 totals across the league for Match Format: Hang Loose

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Position Impact Score
1. Amanda Fischer – #14

Utility Player


2. Eric Cardona

Bodyweight Specialist


3. Griffin Roelle

Utility Player


4. Patrick Long – #16 Utility Player


5. Yonatan Restrepo – #09

Utility Player


6. Nick Shappee – #23

Utility Player


7. Eduardo Rodriguez – #21

Strength Specialist 


8. Vida Vetterkind – #7

Strength Specialist 


9. Ryan DeMattie – #32

Strength Specialist


10. Joseph Gomez – #24

Strength Specialist 


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Article by - Carissa Macay

FGL Staff


Former Body Weight Specialist for the Gainesville Wild 2020 & 2021. Returning this year to capture the athlete's perspective of the FGL Season.