If you’re at all health conscious you know that veggies are important, and that the food we eat today doesn’t necessarily pack the nutritional punch it used to due to overused soil, GMOs, and chemical fertilizers. So a lot of us supplement – but unfortunately, that’s still not the entire story when it comes to giving our bodies what they need to thrive. 

What if you’re ingesting the nutrients you need but your body isn’t absorbing them?  Well that’s basically a waste of money and calories…but it actually happens more than you might think.  

We’ll skip all the reasons why malabsorption is happening, and go straight to a potential solution.  

We went over the role Butyrate has in this process in our last blog article. Understanding that, helps us understand why our partner supplement, GutArmor, helps with absorption of our nutrients.

“70% of our results from exercising come from the food we eat. If you are not properly absorbing the nutrients you eat, your body is not able to perform at its peak potential. The butyrate in Gut Armor optimizes your gut allowing maximum absorption of nutrients like proteins, amino acids, and vitamins.”

As athletes, we know the players in our League want to get the most out of their food and training, which is one of the reasons we are pumped about discovering GutArmor.  Several players have noted their training feels better, they are able to get an extra session in, and they are looking more shredded after 2-4 weeks of taking the product. We’ll continue to update you on their experiences with GutArmor and the benefits you might experience too. 

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If you’re interested in trying the supplement, let us know! GutArmor is looking for player influencers in the coming months and it will be important to find those players that this supplement works for and is passionate about the product’s benefits as well.  

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