Grid League Southern Conference – 2023 Roster Updates and Power Rankings

Heading into the highly anticipated 2023 season of the Florida Grid League, it’s time to dive into the Southern Conference teams and their off-season roster adjustments. As we gear up for the season opener on June 3rd, we’ll explore these changes, rank the teams within the conference, and evaluate their performance in three crucial categories: last year’s placement, talent retention, and the acquisition of impactful new talent.

One notable change to the conference as a whole is the drastic increase male strength on all 4 teams. The northern conference easily dominated in male strength in 2022, but with the key additions southern conference teams made, that is almost certain to change in 2023.


Last year’s placement – 4th

Talent retention – 3rd

Talent acquisition – 1st

Kicking things off, we have the Palm Beach Breakers, currently ranked 3rd in talent retention. While they suffered notable losses, including male utility player Angel Rodriguez and seasoned veterans Gaby Moestar, Kevin Jennings, and Zack Trolley, the Breakers shone in terms of new talent acquisition. Their roster boasts some impressive additions, such as male strength specialist Alexander Brosseau, whose clean of 400+ pounds adds significant power to the conference. Furthermore, they secured high-performers from the American Grid Trials, Vilma Rosario and Bethany Jackson, along with the return of former player Dominic Scalzo, bringing a wealth of experience and versatility. Scalzo was a last-minute pickup as he was originally committed to the Venom but requested to be released to sign with the Breakers just hours before the signing deadline.

View the full team roster here

Last year’s placement – 3rd

Talent retention – 2rd

Talent acquisition – 3rd

Next up is the Venom, ranking 2nd in talent retention. Despite a big loss in Roran Scott, the Venom managed to retain most other core players including standouts “Rhino” Robbie Rodriguez, Andres Montenegro, and Denise Tam returning for the 2023 season. Although their ranking in new talent acquisition is 3rd, this is largely due to the relatively unknown nature of many players they signed. Notable new signings include former player and impact strength specialist Joseph Gomez (coming off of a knee injury), former Orlando ACE player Alexa Huston, and the Gainesville Wild’s female strength specialist, Casey Blowe. Additionally, the Venom added Angelina Midas, an athlete with exceptional gymnastics abilities and immense potential.

View the full team roster here

Last year’s placement – 2nd

Talent retention – 4th

Talent Acquisition – 3rd

Moving on to the South Beach Palms, they placed 4th in talent retention, mainly due to the departure of key male roster members and standout female player Winter Rodriguez. However, they did secure a few crucial re-signings such as star Heather Hudson, Team MVP Marcus Washington, along with bodyweight specialist Kodi Schaefer. While they face some rebuilding on the male side, the Palms made some significant new acquisitions including strength specialist Brett Pressley (who also boasts a 400+ pound clean) and long-time League veteran Amber Bost.

View the full team roster here

Last year’s placement – 1st

Talent retention – 1st

Talent Acquisition – 4th

Meanwhile, the Fort Lauderdale Lions, the reigning champions of 2022, dominated in talent retention, ranking 1st. They managed to re-sign the vast majority of their roster from the previous season. In terms of talent acquisition, they ranked 4th mostly due to limited roster space, but notable highlights include Claudia Reque, a seasoned utility player with extensive league experience, and Eduardo Rodriguez, who adds even more male strength to the conference with a power clean of 360 pounds.

View the full team roster here

2023 southern

Lions – 1
Breakers – 2
Palms – 3
Venom – 4

The Lions, given their commendable track record and consistent retention of top-tier talent, are well poised to retain their number one position in the conference. However, the landscape might be shifting; with the Palms facing a significant loss of key players and the Breakers gaining impressive additions, this year might see a  rise in the Breakers’ conference standing. The Venom, though, should not be underestimated, with their unknown potential talent presenting a wildcard that could yield big rewards.

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Article by Joe Roberto

Color Commentator and Analyst


As a former player for the Pompano Pulse, Joe brings extensive knowledge of Grid League strategy and what it takes to be successful in the sport. He also brings an in-depth knowledge of Hyrox, Dekafit and other OCR events as a current competitor.