The Southern Conference final regular season match event takes place tomorrow with the Miami Freaks (2-0) taking on the Pompano Pulse (1-1) at 5pm and the Fort Lauderdale Lions (1-1) playing the Palm Beach Elite (0-2) at 7:30. Grab you tickets at 40% off here (discount expires tonight). Here are the possible outcomes:

If the Miami Freaks win, they clinch the #1 seed and the Fort Lauderdale Lions can clinch the #2 seed with a win against the Elite.

A Lions win with a Pulse win puts the teams in a 3 way tie for 1st (along with the Freaks) at 2-1 and will come down to race wins to determine the top seed.

The Elite are fighting for the 3rd seed and would find themselves in a tie with the Lions at 1-2 should they win, again coming down to the race win count as tie break.

Playoffs begin in the South in two weeks with the 1 seed facing the 4th seed, and the 2nd facing the 3rd.

The winners of the first week of the playoffs move on the the conference championships in Fort Myers.

The regular season and playoff structure was determined as voted on by a panel of team representatives. It was determined to be the fairest option given the conditions of 4 teams per conference, and 5 match weekends to work within.


Seeding is determine by the following factors, in order:

    • Highest number of Match wins
    • Margin of victory within Match play (points for minus points against)
    • Race win differentials (add up seconds won by, and subtract seconds lost by to determine a score.  Highest score wins)


The Northern Conference Playoff Matchups have been determined, we will be posting matchup previews next week.