Outlook for the 2021 Season 

Bryleigh Hansen, head coach of the South Beach Palms, is thrilled for the upcoming season. As a new team last year, the Palms reached the semi-finals in the AS 1 Tournament. They are confident and hope to do as well or even better this 2021 season. 

Hansen believes that the Palms can win it all. However, she does not want to set the expectations too high and then have them shattered later if the results are not as expected. She said that their flexible attitudes and camaraderie made the last season successful and hopes to keep it that way. She also wants the team to have as much fun during the season as they did last year. 

Putting together the team during COVID-19

 Hansen started last year as the Head Coach, but after COVID-19 hit the owner of the Palms had to backout, so she was thrown into the Owner/GM/Coach role – all of a sudden, she had to recruit players, get sponsorships and organize everything herself.  She got the team together by using social media, using the FGL recruiting spreadsheet and looking through the American GRID Trials results. 

This season, Hansen will recruit players using similar tactics from last season. Some of the weaknesses and holes that they need to fill are the bodyweight specialists in the men and women’s side. Besides that, she believes the Palms have everything they need, and potential-wise, there are no flaws. 

Bryleigh Hansen: Transition from Player to Coach

Hansen was a gymnast for 15 years and grew up very competitive, training 4 to 6 hours every single day. She said that gymnasts have an advantage in the sport of GRID, for exercises like ring muscle ups. She started in GRID in 2017 as a key player for the Tampa Bay Brigade and spent 3 Seasons learning the sport of GRID as a player and a fan.  Now, with her role so much larger as owner and head coach, she loves to teach and show others the sport of GRID.  

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