Heather Hudson – Utility player

by Jan 20, 2022Player feature

What is a brief overview of your origin story. Where you grew up, early family situation, athletic background, school, early jobs, travel, etc?

Oh boy, origin story huh!? Haha well to start, I’m from a good ol’ small town in Fredericksburg, Virginia and have been a jack of all trades since a kid. Everyone has a story, so here’s a little into mine. I didn’t have much growing up. Being raised by a single immigrant parent with two daughters was rough. Between hand me downs and in and out of homeless shelters, life was hard as it was for many! But that upbringing game me a deeper appreciation for life and what it has to offer. I found at an early age I had an appitiude for everything and anything I wanted to do. I give credit to wanting more for myself when I had nothing. Growing up I played soccer to a high level, ran track and even wrestled. Yes… wrestling 🤣. I went on to eventually expanding my sports background into fitness in general. I have worn many hats since then. The game changer that plunged me deeper into my passion was when I ended up on a Reality TV Show called Broken Skull Challenge, where I did a bunch of strenuous fitness challenges and even fought people. I ended winning that six times which allowed me to open up a CrossFit gym in Virginia. From there MANY other doors opened for me 🙂 To name a few—-Tough Mudder World Championship, qualified for Spartan World Championshop, National Meets in weightlifting, semi professional football.. aka…. The LFL…

formally known Lingerie Football League now called Legends Football League 😂🤣 yes guys…..I played football in my undies. Dont’ judge bahaha some of the best years of my life!! Anywho, fitness and sports have always been a huge part of my life! And coaching is TRULY my heart and passion. I’ve worked in the fitness industry for 8+ years now as a personal trainer and coach.

What is your current occupation, family situation, and focus in life?:

My current occupation is the General Manager of Freakin Fitness Pines in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Come stop by and check us out 🙂 (shameless plug haha) As I mentioned, I’m from Virginia. I moved to Florida during the pandemic away from everything I’ve ever known! I have no family down here, but I do have all the beautiful relationships I’ve built since living here 🙂 that’s just a good!! My focus currently is personal growth! I WANT EVERYTHING. I like to say I’m greedy. Greed tends to have a negative connotation… I’m here to tell you NO WAY! There’s nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself. That’s exactly what my focus is… accomplishing the things I want for myself whether that be athletic accomplishments, financially, with work, or relationships with people. I want it all.

What is something interesting that people would like to know about you?:

Hmm something interesting?? Here’s some random things:

– I don’t know how to snap my fingers.
– I once tried out for WWE… I clearly didn’t make it 🤣
– I used to have a speech impediment as a kid…. Like I couldn’t say my R’s and W’s… I said “Waaaah-bit” instead of rabbit hahaha !
– I was in the military at one point of my life as a linguist for mandarin.

Describe the biggest hurdle or challenge you have overcome in your life:

Oooof. Biggest hurdle? Man.. what a good question. My life could be a movie if you only knew. Let say my biggest hurdle, which has also become my greatest feat is learning to never let circumstances define me. Overcoming an oh so common pessimistic outlook and turning that into a radiant and uplifting optimistic light for others. Everyone has a story. Everyone has struggles. Although your struggles may be different than mine, that doesn’t make yours or mine that much less significant or insignificant. I want to continue to have a good head my shoulder and pick others up. I want to be an inspiration and light in peoples lives. Because I know what it’s like to feel 6 feet deep with no one to help you climb out. If my energy and being positive ends up being a helping hand to even just one individual, then thats the person I want to continue to strive to be for others.


How do you prepare to play on the GRID and other forms of competition. How do you think about nutrition, training, and other factors that contribute to your readiness?:

When I’m preparing for Grid or other competitions, I usually full dive. Im competitive and I don’t like to lose 🤣. A lot of that is because I am really hard on myself and hold myself to a certain standard and expectation in performance.
With that being said, I am pretty motivated to do whatever it is I need to do training wise to not suck 🤣😂 When it comes to nutrition though… I SUCK lol. Eating is hard for me.. I eat like a bird and my macros are way off. It’s a work in progress and something I’m trying to fix for sure as it plays a huge component in performance.


Describe what is it like to play on your team?:

My team is FREAKIN AMAZING!!! I would ride or die on the Grid for each and every one of them 🔥💜 Our chemistry is the BEST in the league hands down. We’re all friends. We all genuinely care about one another on and outside the grid. And that shows when we compete.


Watch Heather in action against the Miami Freaks

How did you get involved in GRID? Did you come through the American Grid Trials? Tell us the story!:

Oh boy. So when I first heard about grid I was just flying in and out to Florida for work with my previous job. When I moved down here, I wanted to play! It looked soo cool! The As1 tourney was coming up so I thought, why not shoot my shot even though rosters at the time were pretty much full. I reach out to a few teams first but the first to respond was BRYLEIGH💜👯‍♀️ from there it was a wrap. Not only did we become teammates but best friends as well 🙂

What is important for people to know about the sport of GRID? How does it compare to your other forms of competition?

GRID IS EXTREMELY EXCITING TO WATCH! I think there’s a misconception that it’s like CrossFit or watching a CrossFit competition. It’s NOT. Imagine watching a team sport like football but using elements of high skill functional fitness. Everything is FAST PACED and leaves you on the edge of your seat because of that.