After a cancelled season due to the global pandemic and a shortened tournament that left everyone in the GRID ecosystem wanting more, we are just weeks away from the highly anticipated 2021 Florida Grid League Season. 

The new season will feature tons of new talent, new sponsor support, new media distribution, new event partners, and new chances for people to play and get involved with the sport of GRID.

The season kicks off in a full weekend event partnered with Europa Games on July 2nd & 3rd at the Orange County Convention Center. 

Event details are as follows:



FGL Matches

All 8 Florida Grid League teams will be in attendance to kick off the season in exciting inter-conference play. Inter-conference rarely happens unless it is the championship match, and the matchups are set between teams that have never played each other before. One match will be Friday night and the other three matches will be on Saturday. You can view all 4 matches for the price of one expo entry fee. It will be exciting and fun to watch with great matchups. All matchups and schedule will be announced soon.  These matches will not be livestreamed – the only way to watch is in person! 


Gym vs Gym GRID matches

The Gym vs Gym GRID matches are a great opportunity for gyms of all levels to sign up since any level athlete can play. Teams of 8-12 players representing their home gym will go head-to-head in a friendly yet exciting GRID match. The abilities within a team will range a lot. The gyms might have some of their best athletes in the gym play on the team along with those who are inexperienced competitors or those who would not typically compete. This is an incredible community building opportunity since the whole gym will work together, network with other gyms, and have a lot of fun. If you’re interested in bringing your gym to play GRID, email for details. 


Full Fitness EXPO

The Europa Games fitness expo will feature over 300 exhibitors, 60,000 attendees and multiple sports including: physique competitions, cheerleading and dance, powerlifting, grappling and karate tournaments and GRID.

Expo link:


How to be a part of it if you are not playing.

There are a lot of opportunities to help operate the event from being a referee to helping with equipment and working with logistics. If you are interested in contributing and being part of the sport, then apply to be a referee or join our staff in the link below.

Apply to be a Referee:

Join Our Staff:

Learn more about Europa Games: