Slade Villalobos - #51

Slade Villalobos - #51

Utility Player


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My athletic background began 10 year ago when I joined my high school weightlifting team at the age of 15. I’ve competed as a high school weightlifting for 4 years, Olympic weightlifter for 4 years, and as a powerlifter for 2 years. Starting as a high school weightlifting exposed me to both olympic lifting and power lifting which lead me to pursue both later on.
To continue to improve my overall strength as a hybrid weightlifter I’ve continue to keep both power and olympic lifts in my training. Over the years though I’ve added a lot more HIIT, calisthenics, and gymnastics movements into my training in order to become a much more well rounded, functional strength athlete.

Player Stats:

Height: 5’9″
Weight: 200