Grid League – Off Season Updates. Who switched teams?

By Cassie Martinez

In the latest Grid League offseason report by Cassie Martinez, teams are undergoing significant transformations for the upcoming season. Here’s a detailed look at the developments:

Southwest Florida Sharks are making headlines by acquiring key players like David Blatt, Sydney Witter, Jessi Kuhlman, and Kristen Crenshaw from rival teams, strengthening their already formidable lineup.

Under the guidance of Coach Dan Jackson, the Atlanta Wild are staging a comeback, bringing back Casey Blowe and Blake Kidder, and adding talent like Vilma Rosario, Sidney Wilson, and Matt Cable, forming a potent squad.

Tampa Bay Brigade is in a rebuilding phase, introducing new faces like Rebecca Rouse, Seth Prochaska, and Garrison Matthews to refresh their roster.

The Orlando Aces are keeping their core intact while introducing fresh talent such as Jasmine Simpson, Julio Delgado, and Taylor Sturis, along with Kin Ambroso, brother of Quenton Ambroso.

The Palm Beach Breakers are undergoing leadership changes, aiming for transformation under new leadership. They have acquired talent like Josh Rundall and are assembling a promising team under new Coach Angel Rodriguez.

South Beach Palms are sticking to their strong core, introducing new players while dealing with the absence of Brett Presley due to injury.

Reigning Southern Conference champions, the Fort Lauderdale Lions, are retaining their core team while adding rookies like Reagan Hathaway and Alexis Dempsey, with hopes of securing another championship.

Despite setbacks last season, the Daytona Beach Venom are optimistic with a veteran crew and the addition of coach strength specialist Andrew Mattox, gearing up for redemption.

Stay tuned for more updates as the season approaches!


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