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Our elite-level players and fitness/sports fans love learning about high quality products and services that will improve their lives, help their performance, or give them an edge. 75% of our partners return for multiple years. We’d love for you to be the next big success with the Grid League.



Grid League is the modern interpretation of team sports with equality and diversity as core characteristics.

It is at the leading edge of a new era in sports where women will rise to mainstream sports popularity.

The first true team sport with men and women on the same team. Of the 8 head coaches in the League, 3 are female.

GRID features the best parts of weightlifting, gymnastics, track and field, strongman and more in a series of high stakes races.

1.5 hour matches consist of 2 teams of up to 18 players competing in 11 exciting races, head-to-head. Players are about 60% from Florida, 35% domestic travelers, 5% international travelers.

FGL will be entering its 8th Season in 2024 with strong growth every year (except 2020). A typical season lasts about 3 months and yields minimum 5 events.


2023 year long results:

Match Views Digital

Social media impressions (player and 3rd party posts not included)

Player following

In person spectators

League Following Across Platforms


IG engagement rate (~1% considered good for an account our size)


The lowest CMP for impressions in the fitness industry with widespread reach.

FGL digital channels generated over half a billion impressions in 2023

FGL players generate millions of impressions as well with a high degree of influence

FGL has a global presence with roughly 25% of impressions landing in the US.

FGL content has high virality and therefore is picked up by popular social accounts: House of Highlights; ESPNW

180,000 annual website visitors


130+ elite-level athletes from around the country and the world. 60% from Florida, 35% from domestic travelers, and 5% from international travelers.

Our players are of ALL ethnicities, backgrounds, body types, and personalities.

Estimated 15% speak Spanish, 10% identify as LGBTQ+ (including 2 female head coaches), 18% are people of color, 23% are military/fire/police

Combined Player Following: 1,700,000

FGL manages ALL aspects of a player-influencer campaign (so you don’t have to)


FGL exceeded 40,000 in-person spectators in 2023 (through partnerships with a large fitness expo as well as FGL exclusive events)

We handed out thousands of samples of products on behalf of our partners with trained staff explaining the benefits, flavor profiles, and/or education.

Case Studies

The partners we work with are highly curated…we test every product, we know what will resonate and therefore we’ve developed trust with our audience to pick products and services they will value.

Truly came to the FGL looking for an awareness campaign.

The logo was featured on many of our available assets including digital, social, print, and on GRID

We developed an influencer campaign with 5 of our most-followed players and directed content capture for them

We distributed samples at all events throughout the Season.


The campaign delivered far more impressions than Truly originally signed up for, and they noted how much more effective the campaign was for them over other influencer relationships.

LMNT is the official electrolyte supplement of the FGL, and has spread like wildfire among our players and fans. We worked with the brand on collecting players to try out the product, sampled at matches, brand awareness + association campaigns, and influencer management.



LMNT has continued to increase their investment with the FGL since first working together in 2021. They have expressed total satisfaction in the content provided, the responsiveness, the ability to pivot towards opportunities that come up, and the feeling we are genuine partners in their success.


We can’t wait to learn about your goals and strategies for the upcoming season and hear about how we can help achieve them.

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