Did you know it’s hot in Florida? 

Did you know that “vigorous exercise and warm/hot weather induce sweat production, which contains both water and electrolytes?”

Did you know that the average sports drink with electrolytes contains 36 grams of sugar?  

As our GRID players know, staying hydrated can improve performance and reduce fatigue during matches, but getting the proper balance of electrolytes can also improve sleep, brain function, and overall quality of life.  With today’s standard American diet containing so much processed food, sugar, and artificial ingredients, just about everyone could benefit from improving their electrolyte balance, but especially if you lead an active lifestyle, follow a low-carb diet, or live in a warm climate.  

Enter, LMNT

Why do we trust this brand so much?  First, the co-founders are legit (and salty) AF.  One of their co-founders, Robb Wolf, is a biochemist researcher by training. And collectively, the co-founders have decades of experience in helping  athletes optimize  their performance (and recovery) with proper hydration and diet.  Second, the science behind the amounts of sodium, potassium and magnesium in each packet is formulated for exactly what the body needs in terms of hydration.  That means no sugar, no artificial ingredients and a lot of salt.  We care about how our bodies function, and so does this company.  

Look out for samples of LMNT at all of our matches this Season and don’t hesitate to give them a try!  We can almost guarantee that at least one of their flavors will wet your whistle such as  watermelon (an FGL favorite), citrus, mango chilli, or the new seasonal grapefruit.  Let us know what you think, and stay salty! 

(For more information on the science, why the current recommendation to limit salt to improve health is actually false, and the impressive background on the founders, check out their website)