Match format – Pikes Peak.

The 4:00 match up in week 3 of the Southern Conference featured two great teams battling for the right to go to the Conference Championships.

The Fort Lauderdale Lions jumped out to an early lead with two quick race wins in the Partner Forward and Mirror. The Echos and Triads were close and heated battles, but the 10+ victory in the Ladder and the 2 early race win put the match out of reach for the Elite heading into another close race in the Sprint Relay.

Elite star Angel Rodriguez was not only effectively moving barbells in the 4th quadrant, but quickly performing high skill gymnastics such as   the back uprise during Jack and Jill… and making a strong argument for MVP voting coming soon.

The Lions were working around some injuries and had some players step up into unique roles such as Strength Specialist Robbie Rodriguez on the Chest to Bar pull-ups, and one of the lightest male players on the team acting as closer in the Sprint Relay in Eric Cardona.

All made for an incredible show leading up to the 2nd match between the Miami Freaks and Pompano Pulse.

The Freaks quickly took control, backing up their first place ranking in the South. The Pulse did not make it easy on the Freaks though, and made a statement in the female echos on the speed of the hand stand pushups by Andrea Vazquez and Ashley Thompson.

The Freaks ended up with a strong win heading into the Conference Championship against an equally strong looking Lions team.

Overall, another incredible day of GRID. Be sure to grab early bird tickets to the Conference Championships in your area for 40% off. Go to, now.

Final Scores:

Fort Lauderdale lions – 21  Palm beach elite – 12

Miami freaks – 22  Pompano Pulse – 10

Southern Conference Standings after 2 matches.


 Miami Freaks ( 3 – 0)**

   Fort Lauderdale Lions (2 – 1)**

    Palm Beach Elite (1 – 2)

  Pompano Pulse (0 – 3)


** Clinched Conference Championship berth