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the challenge

Try Kion Aminos instead of whey for 1 month.

Put this month’s whey protein budget toward Kion EAAs. If you don’t think it’s better, get your money back.



Studies show Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) supplements can have 3 TIMES the impact on muscle protein synthesis (AKA gainz) compared to whey protein. 




What to look for

Players in the Florida Grid League have described the following benefits:

✅ Better sustained energy through workouts
✅ Less soreness after training
✅ Unexpected strength gains (PRs)
✅ Feeling ready to train again soon after a particularly rough day of training or competition


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The only thing you have to lose are the gains.

Go to the Kion website and…

“I’ve been recovering much faster between training sessions.

For me, the capsules are super convenient and I take them before bed to fuel my recovery while I sleep”

-Sam Martin

 If there was a supplement that worked 3X better than whey at fueling muscle growth… Would you try it?

Try Kion Aminos risk-free for 20% off with my code ‘SAM’ 

Go to the Kion website and…

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