Three teams have made signings to bolster their rosters due to some player unavailability for the upcoming event. The rule, introduced to ensure teams maintain competitive numbers, is as follows:

Single Event Signing Rule:

  • If a single gender of a team drops to 6 total players, a team may sign a single event player for WILDCARD USE ONLY (this is their only wild card selection).
  • If a single gender of a team drops to 5 total players (or less), a team may sign a single event player(s) for the entire match to get back up to 6 total.

Single event signings for Saturday’s event:

  1. South Beach Palms have brought back Brett Henry, a former Palms player. Henry was unable to commit to the entire season due to work obligations but will be available for this event. (pictured at the beginning of the article)
  2. Daytona Venom have signed Fernanda Saavedra, a former player for the Miami Freaks. Saavedra’s return is notable as she has been absent from the league for over two years. 

3. Gainesville Wild have taken a gamble on David McKellar, a player who has never participated in the League before. It will be interesting to see what he brings to the table.

In other news, the Fort Lauderdale Lions will be facing a challenge as they will be without their head coach, Jaime Gold, who has to attend an unexpected service this weekend.

Lastly, the Orlando Aces are set to welcome back former rookie of the year, Tricia Davis. Davis will be making her season debut after missing the last match due to a posterior injury. 


Stay tuned for full roster info, the stakes of this event, and much more in an upcoming BONUS Insider Report later this week.


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Article by - Carissa Macay

FGL Staff


Former Body Weight Specialist for the Gainesville Wild 2020 & 2021. Returning this year to capture the athlete's perspective of the FGL Season.