Hairstrong Hair Band

Hairstrong Hair Band

Pre-order now to save $7-$15 on shipping. All pre-orders will be picked up at the July 6th match at USA Fit (either you can pick up or the player you heard from can bring home for you).


Get perfect fit, with no headaches.

Made to endure multiple wears, so you can give it your all, without holding back. High Tensile strength for a secure hold with a gentle soft fabric that doesn't break your hair.

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SMALL size is best for: 

  • Fine, thin, and delicate hair
  • Any length
  • Ponytails, buns, half-buns, base of braids, AND end of braids (if you have thick long hair)
  • If you think you’re in between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size, as it will still get the job done. If you find that you could use a tighter hold for your buns, then you can add to your collection
  • This size provides a secure and reliable hold for the above hair types. But, if you find that you don’t like super tight holds, or don’t want a lot of fabric material showing on the Strongband, this size will get the job done for thicker and longer hair types (you just might not get a tight of a hold as the Original and Extra Tough sizes.


  • 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex
  • 3″ in diameter

LARGE size is best for: 

  • Medium thick and textured hair.
  • Shoulder-length hair
  • Ponytails, buns, half-buns (when you have thick hair) and base of braids
  • If you think you’re in between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size, as it will still get the job done. If you find that you could use a tighter hold for your buns, then you can add to your collection


  • 82% Nylon / 18% Spandex
  • 4″ in diameter
  • Machine-washable (but would recommend hand-washing as small items always seem to disappear in the wash).
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not bleach or put in dryer
  • Pro tip: bring your Strongband with you in the shower after your workout, wash it as your washing your hair and then hang to dry

Where have these been all my life?!

I purchased both the Nano and Tough. I would consider myself to have thick hair (definitely on the “medium” thick side of things but also curly). I LOVE both. The Nano is the one I reach to for daily wear – I like that it’s a strong hold for work, play and working out. I do find myself going for my Tough when my hair is in its natural curly state and needs a little extra holding power. 15/10 recommend!!

Anita Speers

Cardio Workouts approved!

In the past, whenever I worked out, my hair would had always become undone in a cardio session (jumping ropes, running, etc.).. and I would need to stop and fix my hair at least 3 times within a 45 minute workout session. Ever since I have used this strongband, I would not need to fix my hair at all within a workout! Thank you so much for such an amazing product!

Niki Yu


This hair tie is literally magic. I have naturally curly hair and it adjusts to the thickness no problem. Even when it’s straightened, this thing does not BUDGE. I had this ponytail in for over 8 hours with NO movement and NO headache whatsoever during workouts, shower, and working with kids!

Ashley Mabery


Was so surprised how well these hold up! No pain wrapped around your hair. Hair didn’t move during workouts with double unders, burpees, box jumps etc where it always falls out otherwise. In love!

Dana Barth

Finally don't have to fix my hair.

This hair tie is worth it. I’ve been struggling to keep my hair up for years. I have not known a world where I don’t have to redo my hair in the middle of a run or while doing dynamic exercises. FINALLY, I have found a hair tie that keeps my hair in place AND doesn’t pull on my hair. It is a gentle hold so I don’t have to worry about breakage but it also keeps it firmly in place. I can finally not worry about holding my water bottle in my mouth while I redo my hair mid road race!!

Rachel Guerrieri

The hairband to ruin all hair bands

Seriously though, I was skeptical when I saw this hairband on Instagram and was like there is no way it is what it claims to be. I was wrong. This hair hand holds without pulling your hair out! It also stays in your hair no matter what workout you are doing.

If you are on the fence go ahead and try it, you won’t regret it!

cody v

The best!!!

I still cannot believe my hair stays together during double unders and burpees! I bought a bunch of these as stocking stuffers for my fitness friends! 💕

Marta Wajda

Highly recommended!

I threw out all my other elastics once I tried these. They keep my hair in place through intense workouts: Running, rowing, HIIT even burpees! Love the ability to adjust the tension- no headaches! Plus I love the bright colour options.

Alison Barron


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