Grid Training E-book: Bodyweight, Utility & Strength

Grid Training E-book: Bodyweight, Utility & Strength


You know how important it is to keep training fun, challenging, and constantly evolving. GRID training is a different style of training focused on developing physical ability for the sport of GRID. Here are some reasons you might want to try workouts from this e-book.
■ Mix up your daily work with a new style of training and some new movements
■ Further develop your natural strengths
■ Develop conditioning specific to the sport of GRID
■ Prepare to try out for a team (if that’s a goal)
■ Have fun!

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The combined e-book contains all 3 (150 total workouts) and is a great way to gain awareness of the differences of each position and the methods of training.

***comes with a bonus free access to our Referee Training course to learn more about GRID. (a $10 value)