Grid Training – Baseline – Strength Speed Skill


Grid Training – Baseline – Strength Speed Skill

Original price was: $38.00.Current price is: $24.00. / month

  • ~ 1hr per day with optional extras
  • 5 days a week
  • Full gym access recommended
  • Training experience - 1-2 years + or base knowledge of form in foundational strength movements such as squat, press, deadlift

This ongoing monthly subscription focuses on certain characteristics the Grid League requires that are often overlooked. This baseline program will help you become a better all around athlete.

THIS DEPOSIT IS 100% REFUNDABLE. Two ways to receive the refund:

  1. Log at least 1 weeks worth of workouts. If you decide its not for you, let us know in the second week for a full refund
  2. Complete the full 2 months of the program (if you miss a day here or there thats ok) and give us feedback

In both cases, you will receive 100%, no questions asked refund.


Strength – the base requirement of most Grid League movements, strength is always a priority. This program includes a heavy focus on accessory work to develop stability, explosiveness, and muscular endurance for big, efficient, fast sets.

Speed – If you can perform well fast, you can perform well at any speed. Adding speed to movement forces quality technique and efficiency to be done well. That said, speed should only be added under certain conditions and through progressions to keep things safe and effective. This program helps you develop elite level speed safely and quickly.

Skill – High level athleticism requires a wide range of physical abilities that often get overlooked. This portion of the program focuses on skills like agility, mobility, body awareness, balance, and coordination. These are the base skills that translate to the most impressive high level performance on the GRID.