Partnering with a new supplement can be tricky…we always want to make sure the products and services we recommend are high quality, safe and effective, but with something new it’s tough to know for sure. 

When we partnered with GutArmor, we wanted to be thorough in our testing and so we did extensive research, tested the product ourselves, and decided to move forward with a player test in a way we never have with clients before…we wanted data to show.  After polling the players, we got a focus group of 11 who have experienced some sort of gut issues and wanted to feel better.  

Surprise number one was how many players were experiencing serious to severe symptoms that were affecting their workouts and daily lives.  Tricia Davis said “I was experiencing extreme stomach pain after workouts, it got to the point where I was afraid to workout.”  Jess Krezmien noted that she had all of a sudden started feeling nauseous after taking her long-time vitamin regimen and was also experiencing mystery back pain.  And several athletes including Sam Martin noted that eating anything outside of a very strict diet would cause bloating, pain, and difficult bowel movements.

Surprise number two was how effective GutArmor was with this myriad of different symptoms.  In doing our research we figured the product would help a majority of players, but after 4+ weeks of tracking, 75% of the players we tracked experienced less bloating and a whopping 92% saw improved bowel movements. 

Because the gut is so closely tied to everything else in the body, 83% also saw improvements in their training, whether that was feeling stronger, easier metcons, or better recovery and more energy to do workouts.  Other notes were improved moods, ‘feeling more shredded,’ or even recovering from eating off plan.  We happened to be doing our testing over the holidays and several players noted feeling less “like dogs*t” after eating their traditional treats.  

However, it’s also not surprising that GutArmor is not a magic pill that works the same for everyone.  2 of our players did not experience the same benefits, and in fact experienced more bloating.  This can happen when butyrate levels are very low to begin with, and it takes a while for the body to regulate.  There could also be other causes for poor gut health, hormone imbalances, and other types of symptoms.  It’s also worth noting that some players saw immediate benefit, but some took 2-3 weeks before seeing some improvement.  

If you’re interested in trying GutArmor to improve gut health, training, moods, immune function (vitamin D3 is included with butyrate) or digestion, give it a shot!  We recommend starting with 2 pills daily, and committing to at least 3-4 weeks to track improvements. 

Use code FGL25 for 25% off and let us know if you try it!  GutArmor may be looking for additional players to feature in the coming months and we’d love to know if you like it!