We’re big fans of health + wellness at the FGL (it’s one of our core values), and so when we are able to partner with products that support health of any kind, we get excited.  Even more specifically, we get excited about gut health and all the research coming out about how important our gut is to our general wellbeing.  Enter, GutArmor.  

What is it

Without getting too science-y, GutArmor is a supplement made up of Tributyrin & Vitamin D3. Tributyrin is a prodrug of Butyrate and Butyrate is a naturally occuring nutrient that fuels 90% of the cells in your Gut. Butyrate is a small-chain-fatty-acid that is, in very simple terms, what our gut needs to stay balanced and healthy. 

(If you’re interested in reading more about the science-y stuff there’s a ton of it here.)

Now, we are not doctors and we don’t claim to be experts, so don’t take our word for it – however before partnering with a brand that has big claims on health benefits like this, we do our research.  Here’s what we found out: 

  • Butyrate has long been studied as a link to gut health 
  • There hasn’t been a ton of research done on Tributyrin on humans, but the possibility of it being helpful for gut health is certainly there 
  • The reviews on this product seem pretty legit 
  • The ingredients are clean – there isn’t a bunch of extra crap in the product that we don’t need
  • A couple of different health experts we trust signed off that it’s worth a shot and low risk
  • FGL Operators tried the product themselves with decent results 

Who should try it 

Anybody who has experienced an imbalance in their gut could see benefits from trying GutArmor…symptoms could include constipation, IBS, general bloating and discomfort, among others.  

Additionally, since GutArmor also includes Vitamin D3 and Tributyrin helps the absorption of nutrients and minerals, taking the supplement can increase your immune system (which we all know is important right now).  

A lesser known benefit could be relieving symptoms from food sensitivities…the experts at GutArmor tell us that if you have figured out foods that make you feel bloated or give you other symptoms, taking GutArmor may allow your body to process those foods better by fixing your gut lining.  

Other suggestions 

Of course this is not a magic cure, and like anything else there are other factors that should be taken into account.  So if you’d like to try the supplement to see if you feel benefits, we would also suggest the following: 

  • Pay attention to your diet – it’s obvious that diet plays a huge role in gut health, and so the more you clean up your diet the better off you’ll be.  
  • Get more fiber – fiber is going to make the gut function better in general, and is also an important factor in allowing Tributyrin to work.  Foods with fiber include berries, apples, kale and leafy greens, avocados and broccoli.  Also, our partner Olipop has 9 grams of fiber per drink (IYKYK).  Look for them in the grocery store where you’d find Kombuchas.
  • Stay hydrated – when eating more fiber, it’s also important to keep your bowels moving properly by drinking extra water…we all know an excellent way to stay hydrated is with our partner LMNT (and also Tribuyrine may help you absorb those electrolytes even better…win/win). 

If you’re interested in trying the supplement, let us know! GutArmor is looking for player influencers in the coming months and it will be important to find those players that this supplement works for and is passionate about the product’s benefits as well.  

Questions?  We read every email!  Hit us up in IG DMs or email us.