North Conference Standings

Tampa Bay Brigade ( 1 – 0)

Orlando Aces (1 – 0)

SWFL Sharks (0 – 1)

Jacksonville Steel (0 – 1)

The opening day of the 2019 Florida Grid League Season did not disappoint and yielded two highlight riddled matches.
The first match, between the Jacksonville Steel and the Orlando Aces marked the return of the NPGL MPV Taylar Stallings to the GRID. It was also the first match ever for most of the revamped Jacksonville Steel including head coach Adam Muir. 
The Aces grabbed the early lead and held on for a dominant performance to open the Season strong. 
The Steel improved as the day went on and the team became more comfortable with each other and the sport. Their match bright spot was a well executed Sprint Relay, which they won handily, capped by 3 quick touch and go cleans by team captain Larry Gaskins. 
The second match of the day featured the Conference Championship rematch between the SWFL Sharks and the hydra team to beat in the Northern conference, the Tampa Bay Brigade. 
The Sharks took and early lead with a 1 second win in the Sprint Relay on the speed of captain Leila Elaty’s 4th quadrant performance.
The Brigade quickly took back the momentum and rattled off several race wins in a row to take to take a large lead with standout performances by rookies Tony Vious and Noel Leka. 
The Sharks came back with a strong second half to the match, including some incredible L-sit rope climbs by specialist Quentin Ambrioso, but it was not enough and the Brigade take home a 5 point victory.
The action this Season has just begun and it starts in the Southern Conference next week on Saturday the 15. Get your tickets at, now.

Final Scores: 

Orlando Aces 21 Jacksonville Steel 8

Tampa Bay Brigade 19 SWFL Sharks 15