Match format – Pikes Peak.
The 4:00 match between the Jacksonville Steel and SWFL Sharks started off with an intense Partner Forward race won by the Steel with a smooth and consistent performance.
After that race, the Sharks took control leading to a convincing victory largely on the backs of OG Sharks and super utility players Leila Elaty and Kevin Shultz.
The match finished with an incredible moment with the entire audience and BOTH teams rallying behind match superstar Andrew Allen as he took on the closer role, and many others, in the absence of Larry Gaskins due to a last minute wrist injury.
The 6:30 match between the Aces and the Brigade could not have been more exciting with the first 6 races, both teams finishing within just seconds of each other, and each taking half of them. 


With a dominant performance in the Ladder and eeking out a victory on the Jack and Jill on the speed of CJ villa’s back uprises, the Brigade used that momentum to the ultimate victory. Despite the close loss, as the Aces do, they left it all out on the GRID with leader and heart of the team Taylar Stalling experiencing extreme cramping after a female triad re-run, but battling through to bring the best out of players.
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Final Scores: 

SWFL Sharks – 23  Jacksonville Steel – 10

Orlando Aces – 13  Tampa Bay Brigade -21

Northern Conference Standings after 3 matches


  Tampa Bay Brigade ( 3 – 0)*

  SWFL Sharks (2 – 1)*

  Orlando Aces (1 – 2)

  Jacksonville Steel (0 – 3)


* Clinched Conference Championship berth on August 3rd