New Team Update 1/25/2024

Earlier this month the League announced a name change to better reflect the strong growth, viewership location and player population of the League. Along with that came opening up applications for teams from outside of Florida for the first time ever.

While there is no immediate need to expand, if the right partners were found the League would take on up to 2 more teams in 2024. This week is the last week to apply for the possibility of being considered for this year. Out of many applications and several interviews, current new potential team locations so far are as follows:

Kansas City
New Orleans

If you are interested in being involved with one of the potential team locations above email us and we will connect you. Some applicants are currently looking for partners to assist with team operations.

Top applicants will be invited to a virtual meeting with current team owners for additional interviews starting next week.

If you’d like to run a Grid League team from your area apply now, this is the final chance to do so to be considered for this year.

We are excited about the interviews we’ve had so far and believe there is strong potential for expansion this year. That said, we will only do so if current team owners feel very confident that the situation makes the League stronger.

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Article by League Staff

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