New Grid League Element: Wall Ball Over Outrigger

This element will be introduced in the Sprint Relay of Match Format: Ascend and consists 5 reps of a 20lb wall ball clearing over the top of a 12′ high outrigger extending out from the central rig of the GRID.


  • Movement begins with the medball supported by both hands in the front of the body, facing the designated outrigger, and the hip crease below the top of the knee in the bottom of a squat.
  • Player will then stand and propel the medball over the designated horizontal outrigger on the rig with at least the majority of the ball clearly passing over within the vertical plane of the outrigger. Ball may come in contact with the outrigger as it is passing over.
  • Movement is complete when the ball has cleared the top of the outrigger. 

More about this element

Commissioner Mather Wiswall talks about what he feels makes this element a good one for the sport of Grid League and why he thinks it might end up being more important than some might expect.

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Article by - Carissa Macay

FGL Staff


Former Body Weight Specialist for the Gainesville Wild 2020 & 2021. Returning this year to capture the athlete's perspective of the FGL Season.