Shane Kaufman


Shane is a bigger player and very efficiently completes movements like burpee to tall ring, and DB burpee over box, but is also efficient at very high skill gymnastics movements like backward roll to support and sled drag hand stand walk. Very few players, if any, can be relied upon for such performances.

Erica Stokes


Erica shines in the 4th quadrant as her cycle speed on barbell movements is one of the better in the League. She is also one of the more knowledgable players on the sport of GRID and assists the coaching staff in strategy. She emerged as a leader this year and was nominated captain for her role as such. 

Ryan Verdecia


Ryan is the reigning MVP and arguably the center piece of the Freaks males. His extreme quickness and impressive strength for his size yields big assignments that the Freaks rely heavily upon. 

Erika Kaufman


A self proclaimed “awkward movement specialist”, Erika excels at movements not commonly seen in every day CrossFit training. Her cycling speed with the barbell often gave the Freaks an edge in close races. 

Andres Montenegro

Andres emerged as one of the better bodyweight specialists in the League despite not having formal gymnastics training in his background. His efficiency and speed in movements like back uprise, and L-sit rope climb was a huge asset for the Freaks this year. 


Paula Leyes

Paula was huge for the freaks in bodyweight movements, often being compared to the Brigade’s Abbey Wilkins as tops in the League. Along side Julie Gonzales they became a massive one-two punch in bodyweight movements for the Freaks this year.