What if we told you we found all natural ‘muscles in a bottle’?  Yeah, I wouldn’t believe us either.  But keep reading because what we’re about to cover is as close as you can get to that magic sentence.

At the FGL we carefully curate the partners we work with through lots of research and testing.  First, internal tests take place and if the quality and results impress us, we introduce them to our players and collect feedback.  When we were first introduced to Kion Aminos we were pretty skeptical about all the claims they made, but after seeing PRs, more energy, better recovery, more stamina and positive comments on the taste we are convinced: this product is legit.  

You’ve probably heard of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), maybe you’ve tried them for their muscle building claims.  But unfortunately, BCAAs contain only 3 of the 9 essential amino acids (EAAs), and the new science coming out is showing that taking only some of the 9 EAAs may actually be detrimental to your muscle growth…what we actually need are EAAs: all of the 9 essential amino acids that are needed to make our bodies function properly.  

Amino acids are as essential for human life as water…In fact, half of the body’s solid mass (protein, muscles, tissues, organs, etc.) is made up of amino acids. And because the body cannot synthesize EAAs, they must be obtained through diet. 

Another reason EAAs are so crucial for athletes, or anyone looking to build muscle or gain a competitive advantage, is that they are the active components of protein that stimulate muscle protein synthesis and support energy production.  

Kion Aminos is our choice for EAAs because of the 20 years of clinical research, the minimal, clean ingredients with zero fillers, and the incredible results of our testing phase.  

We had 29 GRID players test the product and fill out a survey once a week to track their results.  A few notable conclusions from the study:


On a scale from 1-5, we saw an overall rise by at least one full point in all 3 categories of energy, recovery, and strength.


4 PRs have been noted, and many athletes have said they are feeling stronger.  Dalton Herrero said in week 4 “I am feeling stronger by the week and still having clarity in my workouts! “


Several players noted that the energy they experience is ‘clean’, doesn’t cause jitters and doesn’t affect their workouts or sleep.  Heather Hudson said she drastically reduced her caffeine/stimulants intake by introducing Kion aminos, and without experiencing side effects.


Recovery and ability to workout harder is another notable experience by many players.  Nick Shapee said in week 3 “I haven’t taken any other protein supplements and I feel awesome still. Kinda surprised. I like it a lot!”  Marissa Oxenford said “my working weights are getting heavier.”   

We’re so confident in this product that we’ll offer our own return policy on it…order through the link below, receive 20% off a subscription, and if you are not happy with your results after 30 days we’ll refund your purchase ourselves.  

P.S. Pro Tip: many players also noted that taking LMNT electrolytes mixed with their Kion is extra delicious and effective.  Check out this recovery drink recipe by RP Nutrition