As we approach the next Grid League Event on July 1 at the Orange County Convention Center a few teams have made major announcements that are very likely to affect team performance.

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Tricia Davis

The former rookie of the year and high-end strength specialist Tricia Davis is nursing a posterior injury inhibiting her physical performance. Head Coach Taylar Stallings had to make the tough decision to remove Tricia from the roster completely. She states “It’s a fairly minor injury but we are playing it safe. It’s not worth putting her at risk of re-aggravating it”.

Lucky for the Aces, they are fairly deep in female strength including one of the best in Taylar Stallings herself. 

Bryleigh Hansen

Head coach and former utility player of the year Bryleigh Hansen is always a focus of the roster assignments for the South Beach Palms especially on the high-skill gymnastics elements. She sustained an elbow injury in mid May that healed up quickly and didn’t inhibit her much in the week 1 matches. Shortly after that match she re-aggravated it in normal training and has completely avoided upper body movements since. She is still listed on the roster but may be limited depending on how she feels. She states “We’ll see what happens on match day!”

Miguel Lara

The Venom announce the release of Miguel Lara who was projected to be a major contributor to the team this year. Coach Paul Behar had called him a “Player to watch” coming into the season. The team cites changing life circumstances on the part of Miguel as the reason he could no longer continue with the team. This is a big loss and when paired with some other losses on the team, forced them to get creative to build a serviceable male roster. Ultimately, the Venom released 3 male players including Lara which qualifies them for a Mid Season signing.  Anytime a single gender on a team drops to 6 or fewer players they are eligible for this rule. As a result, the Venom signed Dylan Florentine who has a great story about how he found the team. He woke up on June 3rd with little to no knowledge of Grid League but ended up playing with the Venom by the end of the day as the team was dealing with such roster turmoil and left them short-handed and in need of a last-minute single-match signing. Dylan played well and looks to be a solid Utility Player and they hope will fill some holes on the male side.

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Article by - Carissa Macay

FGL Staff


Former Body Weight Specialist for the Gainesville Wild 2020 & 2021. Returning this year to capture the athlete's perspective of the FGL Season.