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the challenge

Try Kion Aminos instead of Whey for 1 month.

Put this month’s whey protein budget toward Kion EAAs. If you don’t think it’s better, get your money back.



Studies show Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) supplements can have 3 TIMES the impact on muscle protein synthesis (AKA gainz) compared to whey protein. 




What to look for

Players in the Florida Grid League have described the following benefits:

✅ Better sustained energy through workouts
✅ Less soreness after training
✅ Unexpected strength gains (PRs)
✅ Feeling ready to train again soon after a particularly rough day of training or competition


Try Kion Aminos risk-free at 20% off with my code “JESS”.

The only thing you have to lose are the gains.

Go to the Kion website and…

“As a nutrition coach, I have always believed in whole food sources first, so I was skeptical about supplementing Aminos.

Through researching Kion Aminos I was intrigued to see if I would gain similar benefits that were described in studies focused on supplementing essential amino acids beyond quality whole food sources.

The most tangible and easy-to-quantify impact I have seen is several PRs in my lifts.  There are many others but that one should be reason alone to give them a try”

-Jess Krezmien

 If there was a supplement that worked 3X better than whey at fueling muscle growth… Would you try it?

Try Kion Aminos risk-free at 20% off with my code “JESS”.

Go to the Kion website and…

Have a


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