Is Grid League CrossFit?

No. It’s actually very different. In this article we will explore what similarities there are, how they are different, whether they are competitors, and how Grid League will affect CrossFit as it grows.

Similarities between CrossFit and Grid League

  • Shared Movements: Both sports include SOME similar movements such as weightlifting, gymnastics, pull-ups, box jumps, and wall balls.
  • Time-Based Competitions: Both CrossFit and Grid League competitions are often timed. This is true of track and field and other race formats as well.
  • Pullup haters: Both sports gain massive online admiration for use of momentum in pull-ups.

Foundational Differences – Grid League vs CrossFit

  • Core Purpose:
    • CrossFit: Defines itself as a fitness methodology and lifestyle first, with competitive elements being secondary. The main goal of CrossFit is to improve personal fitness and health.
    • Grid League: Is designed to be purely a spectator sport. It is meant to be fun to watch and fun to play above everything else. 

Competition Structure

  • CrossFit:
    • Starting with the worldwide CrossFit Games Open, the season contains a series of progressive events narrowing the field as it goes and culminating in the CrossFit Games.
  • Grid League:
    • The season follows a traditional team sports format with a regular season, playoffs, and a championship.
    • The season begins with the American Grid Trials which is an online combine that teams use to recruit.

Differences in Event Types

  • CrossFit:
    • Events are varied in pace and can last up to several hours.
    • Workouts test overall fitness, requiring athletes to be versatile in their abilities.
  • Grid League:
    • Races are uniformly quick, usually under five minutes.
    • The focus is on speed and execution as a team, from start to finish line.

CrossFit Athletes vs Grid League Players

CrossFit Athletes

  • Prioritizing individual performance: Coverage is more focused on the individual division and the team divisionv (teams of 4) is more about combined individual effort that true team performance. 
  • Well Rounded Requirement: Athletes in CrossFit must excel across all various physical capabilities that are used to measure total fitness. This requires the athlete to be good at everything.
  • Body Type Variability: Due to the required versatility in performance, there is less variation in body types among top performers. Athletes typically need to maintain a balance that allows for competency in all tested areas, thus you won’t see extreme variations in physique.
  • Performance Consistency: Success in CrossFit requires consistent performance across diverse events, making it essential for athletes to be well-rounded and able to handle long-duration challenges.

Grid League Players

  • True Team Effort: There is no individual form of Grid League. It is entirely team-based with teams consisting of 18 members (half men, half women) emphasizing true, coed teamwork.
  • Specialized Skills: Grid League players can specialize in certain movements or movements types… although may be well rounded as well. This allows for a broader range of body types and specialist roles within the team. Grid League players are not penalized for having a specific weakness as the team nature allows for players to focus on their strengths as the best means to contribute to the team performance.
  • Diverse Physical Attributes: The team-oriented nature of the Grid League encourages diversity in athlete physiques and abilities.
  • Rapid Execution: Grid League athletes must perform at high speeds, focusing on executing their best movements quickly and efficiently within the team context. This demands not only physical skill but also precise coordination with teammates. Leadership and teamwork is as important as physical ability.

Impact on Each Other

We believe that as Grid League grows, it will only fuel the growth of CrossFit as well. CrossFit offers an amazing service to society and we, at the Grid League, are proud to support and have a small part in helping CrossFit grow.


The United Grid League is the highest level of the Grid League

Grid League is the future of team sports. It features men and women together in an intense and exciting race based game of strategy and athleticism.