The experience of playing in the Grid League is not only completely unique, highly rewarding and potentially life-changing… it can be profitable too.

There is no player salary, but every year we have players that make multiple thousands of dollars exclusively from playing in the League. This is in addition to the base package of player gear, swag, and products that also come with playing in the League.

This article breaks down the possible perks of playing in the Grid League.

The 2023 Player Package

The following chart shows what is available for any player signed to a team in 2023. Each line item’s estimated value is based off of previous years and what is in the pipeline with partners at this point in 2023.

Note that in order to take advantage of some of these items, there is a process that a player must followed to verify genuine interest in the product and create mutual benefit for the partner. All players have the option to follow this process and are notified via email, and a players only IG account when each opportunity arises.




1. Uniform With Player Name


2. Inov8 Shoes


3. Supplements


4. Food and Drinks


5. Additional Gear/Accessories


$569 in total value

*estimated values based on past year averages for participants and new opportunities for 2023

Financial Compensation Opportunity

These opportunities represent cash in hand to offset season expenses or even earn profit against the participation in the League.


Percentage of
players with access

1.Prize money


2. Player awards


3. Jersey sales


4. Player driven sponsorships


5. League driven sponsorships

(& growing)


Prize money – this represents a players cut of the $20k prize pool for the winning team of the Season. Each team may distribute this how they choose and it should be discussed with the team prior to joining.

Player awards – peer voted awards for MVP, soul of the FGL, Strength Specialist of the Year, Bodyweight Specialist of the Year, Utility Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and team MVPs each receive a portion of a $5k prize pool.

Jersey sales – each player will have the opportunity to sell a tee-shirt or tank “jersey” with their name on it. A cut of these sales will be received by the player. In 2022 roughly 40% of players received payment for jersey sales including their name.

Player driven sponsorships – each player has the option to sell a logo placement on their jersey, their player page, or just earn support sponsorships. These range from $10 – $375 per sponsorship. Most players in the League earn some of these sponsorships and some earn in the thousands. All players have the option.

League driven sponsorships – the League will hire players to participate in campaigns for League sponsorships. This could involve photo shoots, interviews, product testing, posting and other forms of participation in campaigns. This is the fastest growing category of opportunity within the League.


Player Responsibilities

Base requirements for participation in the League as a player.

Player dues – One time fee of $285 for the entire Season.

Matches – Each team will play in a minimum of 4 regular season matches and 3 match “events” (some events hold multiple matches). It is common for a player to miss matches due to conflicts but it is up to the team to decide what is the minimum requirement for each player. Playoff teams will have an additional match event with up to two additional matches (Conference Championships and Championship)

Practice & match prep – Each team decides their own requirements for practice or testing. This could include in person practices, video practices, remote testing, strategy calls and other methods of match preparation. Talk to your team before signing to define expectations around practice and preparation,


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