The dramatic and historic start to a revolutionary sport. Grid League.


Tony Budding announces he is leaving CrossFit to start Grid League.


Grid League (then called NPFL) kicks off with great ratings on NBC. Later in the Season runs into its first financial crisis.


Ownership recovers & restructures League, renamed to Grid League. Tony Budding is forced out. The sport has a successful season otherwise.


3rd Season with great TV ratings & devoted teams. League still fails to find a viable financial model and folds


Pair of team owners from the original League launch new regional League in Florida under a completely different business model with 6 teams. The Florida Grid League (FGL).


FGL expands to 8 teams & builds upon early success. Holds first all-levels Grid League event outside of Florida.


Players from other states and countries begin to sign with teams. 2 more successful “expansion” events outside of Florida with strong interest for more.

2020 (covid)

All events halt. Expansion abandoned. Re-focus on media libraries from first 3 years of FGL and telling the sport’s story. Started year with 15k followers across all platforms. Remote interest in the sport skyrockets with some viral posts. Ended year with 300k+ followers across platforms.


New reach digital reach meant 5x growth in revenue. First expo event partnership. Record breaking match attendance. Many more viral posts. Ended the year with 550k+ followers across platforms. First livestreams of regular matches with 10k+ match views. 7k YouTube subs to finish the year.


Records broken in revenue and match attendance. Livestream views 285k. 100k YouTube subs.


Growth in every business category. Livestream views 455k. 1.3 million followers across all platforms.


First year as United Grid League

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