Grid League Unveils Exciting Updates to Match Formats for 2023 Season

Grid League has announced significant changes to its match formats for the 2023 season. Key among these changes is a new way of understanding player contributions and a shift in the naming system of match formats.

Defining a Grid League Match Format

Grid League matches are events between two teams of approximately 18 players. The competition unfolds as a series of races, which feature a set of physical tasks or elements that must be performed in a specified order.

The races stay consistent in structure and rules from match to match whereas the match format varies from match to match.

Each match format creates a variety of movements and elements, making each match a unique challenge for the competing teams.


The New Element Value System

A major innovation in 2023 is the introduction of the “element value” system. This system helps quantify the impact of a player’s performance on the race. The system values elements based on their difficulty, energy expenditure, and the skill level required.

For instance, the “D ball over yoke” movement has an element value of one, indicating a lower skill requirement. However, a pull-up bar complex has an element value of four due to its high energy expenditure and skill level.

This novel approach will provide fans and analysts with a fresh perspective on a player’s contribution, even when their total rep count might be lower.

Learn more about Element Value and new player stats in 2023 here.


New Naming System for Match Formats

Until recently, match formats were named after mountains – a system that proved challenging to remember. In 2023, the Grid League decided to adopt a more mnemonic-friendly approach.

Now, match formats are named with a more intuitive system tied to the movements in the match. For example, “Hang Loose” refers to a match with a hang snatch complex.

Additionally, each match format will be assigned a symbol and a color scheme, adding visual cues for fans and participants and enhancing the overall spectator experience.

These changes promise to bring a new level of excitement and strategic depth to the Grid League in 2023. Fans and players alike are eagerly looking forward to this fresh take on an already dynamic and thrilling sport.

To learn more about the details of the new match format concept, the implications, the flaws, and more about how it fits in the sport of Grid League listen to this podcast by League Commissioner Mather Wiswall.

Use this Match Format example called Over Under to follow along with what he describes.

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