Grid League Introduces Player Statistics to Quantify Contributions and Enhance Game Understanding

Grid League, a new coed team sport that combines elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, and functional fitness, has announced a significant shift in its approach to player evaluation.

Recognizing the inherent challenge of understanding the individual player contributions to a team’s win or loss, the League has announced a new system of player statistics for the 2023 season.

The challenge stems from the variety of player roles within a team. The ‘utility’ players, who have a wide range of skills, often contribute to more races and hence more movements overall in a given match than specialists. However, specialists, while participating in fewer races, often have a significant impact on a match’s outcome due to their specialized skills.

The new player statistics system aims to help fans, coaches, and players alike understand the contributions of each player in a more quantifiable manner, similar to statistics in football, baseball, or hockey.

The league will track five new stats, providing valuable insights into the contributions of each player. These include:

Races entries – total number of races participated in

Race entry percentage – the percentage of total races participated in (race entries / total races available)

Entry to win percentage – the percentage of race entries won (race wins / race entries)

Element score –  the number of reps performed x element value (scale of 1- 4) within a given element

Impact score – All element scores combined for the race, match or season

NOTE: The Element Value (EV) is a number ranging from 1-4 applied to each element to help quantify how important that element is to the race outcome. This is the basis of the Impact Score. To see an example of EV look at the right column in this match format.

The introduction of player statistics in Grid League represents an exciting step forward for the sport, providing a new dimension to the understanding and appreciation of this fast-paced, high-intensity game. As the League and its players adapt to this new system, there is potential for it to evolve further, becoming an increasingly integral part of Grid League’s future.

To learn more about the details of the stat system, the implications, the flaws, and more about how it fits in the sport of Grid League listen to this podcast by League Commissioner Mather Wiswall.

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