Grid League announces changes to American Grid Trials

If someone is interested in playing in the Grid League, the best way to get signed to a team is to sign up for the American Grid Trials. The Trials are an online competition and combine consisting of a variety of short tests. 

These tests are focused on specific aspects of athleticism that are relevant to a Grid League team’s needs. Some are heavy weight focused, some are bodyweight focused, and some are a mix. Each test is optional so participants tend to focus on the tests they feel will best showcase their unique strengths as an athlete. Each test has a cash prize pool and there is no overall score. 

Teams have tiered access to these scores and review them to recruit players and fill athletic gaps on their team. All potential players that are contacted by teams have the right to talk to multiple teams and decide what situation best fits them. There is no minimum performance requirement in these tests. It all comes down to what a team needs and if it’s a good personality or situational fit. It is quite common for Trials participants to not score particularly well in the Trials, but go on to get signed and have very successful seasons with a team. 

Changes for the upcoming Trials

Traditionally, the Trials occur each spring, with the signup announced a couple of months in advance and registration opening, on average, about a month before the Trials begin. This year, the registration process will be different. 

Starting at the end of August, public registration will open for the Trials in 2024. This is far in advance of previous years. 

In addition, early registration of the Trials will come with some additional perks designed to help familiarize a potential player with how the game works, how they might best fit into the sport, make connections within the community, and better allow them to focus and prepare for the upcoming Trials. 

These early registration perks include:

  • Registration to virtual “meet and greet” events including panelists of Team owners, current players, and League officials where prospects can ask questions and get to know the vibe of specific teams and the League.
  • An e-book that explains the Grid League race rule basics a player will need to know.
  • Access to our online training portal for our staff and referees to learn details about Grid League rules.
  • A discount for prospective players to all remaining Grid League events in 2023 to attend, see the sport firsthand, and make connections.
  • A Grid League sponsor coupon book worth hundreds in savings for the latest and best products in the fitness space.

This perk package alone is worth over $120, but the opening price an Sept 1 will be just $16. Each month thereafter the price will go up until registration closes. This is designed to encourage potential players to make the commitment early while there is plenty of time to prepare and work toward a new athletic goal: stepping onto the GRID with your new team.

Commissioner Mather Wiswall says of the new registration structure:

“Every year, for weeks after the Trials end, we receive message after message of prospects that are bummed they missed out on the window to make a team and asking when the next chance to make a team is. The most common reasons are ‘I wasn’t ready’ or ‘I somehow missed it.’ This is totally understandable as we are all busy and it’s easy for priorities to get lost.

This new structure better enables prospective players, who watch a match and recognize the fun of playing on a team, to take immediate action towards joining a team. Someone that is officially registered is much more likely to allocate the time and attention it takes to keep up with Trials updates and make sure they know when and how things take place.

Additionally, this new process allows ample time to prepare if needed, and we provide tools and opportunities to assist in that preparation if desired. I think it’s a big win to bring even more incredible talent into the League”

How to get started

Official public registration will open on September 1st, but Grid League Insiders will have access to a pre-registration option with a special rate starting next week. In addition, current players will receive a special invite they can give to their friends that they know will be a good fit to be in the League. 

Sign up to be a Grid League Insider to make sure you take advantage of these special offers. 

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Article by - Carissa Macay

FGL Staff


Former Body Weight Specialist for the Gainesville Wild 2020 & 2021. Returning this year to capture the athlete's perspective of the FGL Season.