8-6-4-2 – Front squat / Burpee over pole



FS -75, 85, 105, 115
Pole Height – 6″, 12″, 12″, 15″


FS – 125, 145, 165, 185
Pole Height – 6″, 12″, 15″, 18″



FS – 85, 100, 115, 130
Pole Height – 6″, 12″, 12″, 15″


FS – 145, 165, 195, 215
Pole Height – 6″, 12″, 15″, 18″




FS – 115, 130, 145, 160
Pole Height – 6″, 12″, 12″, 15″


FS – 165, 195, 225, 255
Pole Height – 6″, 12″, 15″, 18″


Race rules.


Both males and females will peform the rep scheme, in each quadrant, that decreases in reps and increases in weight as the players move down the GRID. (8 of each in the first quadrant, 6 of each in the second quadrant, etc)


In the first quadrant, male Player performs first Element for men while female Player stands within the perimeter of the rectangular area of the first hash mark (Hash Box)

Upon completion of first Element for men, male Player stands in second Hash Box while female performs first Element for women.

Upon completion of first Element for women, female Player stands in third Hash Box while male Player performs second Element for men.

Upon completion of second Element for men, male Player stands in fourth Hash Box while female Player performs second Element for women

Players repeat this drill in each of the following three quadrants, with a decreasing repetition scheme. Teams may substitute at any time, but no Player may perform work unless the other on GRID teammate is within the designated Hash Box. The race is finished when both Players cross the finish line after the female completes her eighth Element in the fourth quadrant.

A legal substitution is when contact occurs between athletes, but both feet of one athlete must be in the start zone. If the athlete crosses the start line to the GRID prior to contact with the athlete substituting out, the athlete will be called back to engage in that legal contact.

Example Video: In this particular version there is different movements, but the same general rules. 



  • Movement begins in a prone position, making chest contact with the ground
  • Player then rises from prone position and propels body over the pole with a two foot take off and a two foot landing: both feet must travel over the top of the pole
  • If player knocks pole from support, it is a fault and player must replace pole to support before beginning the next repetition
  • The repetition is counted once the player has cleared the pole  and touched the ground, with both feet on the opposite side of the initial jump. 


  • Players may begin their first repetition by performing a squat clean
  • Player must hold barbell in the front rack position at all times
  • Elbows must be in frontal plane relative to barbell at all times
  • Player descends into a squat until the hip crease is below the horizontal plane of the top of the knees
  • The repetition is counted when Player returns to:
    1. fully standing position
    2. hips are fully open
    3. knees locked out
    4. heels on the ground