Gainesville Wild Announces Move to Atlanta, Ushering New Era for United Grid League

Atlanta, [2/5/2024]: In a move representing an important change to the League landscape, the United Grid League team, the Gainesville Wild, has announced its relocation to Atlanta. 

Key Reasons for the Move:

  • Home Base for Leadership: Danny Jackson, the team’s owner and head coach, resides in Atlanta. His connections to the city have been a driving force behind this decision. Jackson shares his enthusiasm, stating, “I am excited to lay down the team’s roots in a city we are familiar with and have a strong presence in. We can’t wait to represent Atlanta in the upcoming United Grid League season.”
  • Player Proximity: A substantial number of the team’s members, including leading players, are based in the Atlanta area. This proximity is expected to enhance team dynamics and operational efficiency.
  • Partnership Synergy: The team’s partnership with Blacklisted HQ, primarily operating in Atlanta, presents synergistic opportunities for the team’s growth and development.
  • Rich Talent Pool: Atlanta’s reputation as a hub for player talent aligns perfectly with the team’s ambitions, offering opportunity for recruiting and nurturing future sports talent.

A Milestone for Grid League:

Mather Wiswall, Commissioner of the United Grid League, highlighted the importance of this move for the league. “As the first team based outside of Florida, this is a great first step toward the national presence we are now growing into under the name United Grid League,” he remarked. This transition aligns with the league’s rebranding efforts and aspirations for an ultimately national footprint.

About the United Grid League:

The United Grid League, formerly known as the Florida Grid League, has recently undergone a significant rebranding. This change reflects the league’s commitment to expanding the physical presence of the Grid League. For more information about the league’s expansion and new direction, please visit United Grid League’s official website.

For more information about getting involved with the Atlanta Wild, please visit the Team Website Here.

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