Check out some of our picks for the most exciting moments from the Championship Event featuring players like Paula Leyes, Bryleigh Hansen & Blake Kidder.

00:00– Marissa Oxenford Vs. Josh Rundall (Bar Muscle Up)
0:37– Players invent a new Grid Element during All-Star Match ( Sofia Davenport Vs. Bryleigh Hansen)
0:54– Clutch Performances in the snatch Ladder (Blake Kidder-255lb)
0:59– Darryl McNeil- 235lb
1:02– Julie Rader- 165lb
1:06– Ivan Gaitan- 215lb
1:10– Patrick Long- 255lb
1:17– Joseph Gomez- 255lb
1:20– Brett Henry- 255lb
1:26– Roran Scott- 165lb
1:28– Alex Oliveras- 255lb
1:33– Erika Kaufman- 150lb
1:37– Cade Johnson- 255lb
1:44– 30 Muscle Ups in less than 1 minute (Paula Leyes)
2:02– Andres Montenegro
2:48– First Female to clear a box in competition (Jess Krezmien)
3:10– The largest set of double touch in FGL history (RJ Hibbard)
3:49– The only female to perform the flip sled in Sprint Relay- Julie Rader(300LB Sled)
4:12– Medball Handstand Walk ( Andres Montenegro Vs. Samantha Nalley)
—-End Race—-