With the official Prehab/Rehab specialist of the Florida Grid League

The Box Doc

Book a pain assessment for FREE as a member of the Grid League community. ($120 value)

If you are a CrossFit athlete or GRID player that needs to recover from injury, chronic pain or wants to get the most out of their body… you are in the right place.

Box Doctor Staff

As a team led by a certified physical therapists that has competed as an individual in the CrossFit Games as well as at the highest level in the Grid League, there is no one more knowledgeable about how to prepare for and recover from these high level sports.

Whether you are a top level competitor, a weekend warrior, or just someone looking to be in the best shape they can can be, The Box Doc knows how to get the most out of your physical body.

Box Doc Session

The Box Doc specializes in:



Injury recovery

Chronic pain recovery

Addressing imbalance or limitation



Injury prevention

Joint strength and mobility

Competition preparation

Skills Development

Skill Development

Progressions for specific movements

Balance development

Movement proficiency

Session Box Doc

The Box Doc can work wonders for you in any of the following situations:

  • You have chronic pain or an overuse injury you just can’t seem to get over EVEN IF others have tried to help without success.

  • You have an injury you are looking to recover quickly and completely from

  • You want to do what you can to ensure you remain healthy and strong while still pushing your body to its limits

  • You want to give yourself every advantage to prepare for competition

  • You have a specific high level skill that you want to develop and you want to learn safely and quickly

Dr. Gold is unlike any physical therapist I have ever worked with. As a former athlete herself, she understands that my goals aren’t just to be pain free but to be able to continue lifting and living an active life. When I injured my shoulder, she not only gave me exercises for the pain but also exercises to keep my shoulder strong. I came back from my injury better than before I got injured! If you are tired of normal PT’s telling you to rest and not to exercise you need to see Dr. Gold.

Brandon True

Fort Lauderdale Lions

Jaime is extremely patient and knowledgeable. I’ve gotten progress on a nagging injury that other specialists couldn’t get me. Highly recommend!

Mather Wiswall

Commissioner, Florida Grid League

Book a pain assessment for FREE as a member of the Grid League community. ($120 value)