In a new partnership deal with the BYND FITLAND app, fans will be able to join in on the competitive action of Grid League by drafting their own team of Fantasy Grid League team to compete for top impact score and some sweet prizes. 


How it works

  • All real life Grid League players will be assigned a FITCOIN value based on average Impact Score per match from the 2023 season.
  • Fantasy players will create an account and be given a FITCOIN budget with a team of roster spots including 3 Utility Players, 3 Strength Specialists, and 3 Bodyweight Specialists.
  • Fantasy players will then draft Grid League players to fill their roster within their budget.
  • The team with the highest combined Impact Score from all 9 of their players will win.


Official Rules

While there are official rules, it is important to know that this is a beta version of the game. As with any beta, there is the possibility for bugs and we expect to improve the experience as we go. Consider this a fun experiment and don’t take it too seriously…yet. Review the official rule book here.

Championship Prizes

1st prize

SECTOR GAMES – 3 person same sex teams competition in Puerto Rico, March 8-10 2024 – FREE ENTRY (value $450 USD) 
JIBAROS CHRISTMAS CLASSIC – mixed pairs competition in Puerto Rico , December 16, 2023 – FREE ENTRY (value $220 USD) 
EL RANCHO WOD FEST – individual competition in Puerto Rico, December 2, 2023 – FREE ENTRY (value $110 USD) 
SPRING BREAK GAMES – individual and team competition (MMF) in Morelia, Mexico, March 15-17, 2024 – FREE ENTRY (value $200 USD) 
THE MASTERS MEXICO – individual and team (MMF) MASTERS ONLY competition for all levels. Mexico City, Mexico – May 2024 – FREE ENTRY (aprox value $250 USD)

2nd prize – Case of Remedy Kombucha
3rd prize – Box of LMNT electrolytes


Get started now

Download the BYND FITLAND and look for upcoming announcements including new Grand Prizes!


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