The ringer point race is designed to give teams the ability to strategically affect the performance of the opposing team. In addition, it creates even more excitement and intensity in the sport with it’s player vs player structure.

This race is a head-to-head skills test between two single players of opposing teams. Each team will have the chance to prior to a match select from a pre-determined list.

Every match will contain 2 ringer point races with each team choosing one. A player may only be used ONCE for a Ringer Point Race per season and a team may only choose a single test once in the season

The scoring will be two points for the winner, one point for the loser if under the time cap or zero points for hitting the time cap. The time cap will be variable based on the winner’s score. The second place player must finish within 20% of the winners time to stay within the cap.

The strategy and new spectacle of the Ringer Point Race will be a blast to see. Get your tickets for the 2021 Season NOW.