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The American Grid Trials is an online competition and combine that is the best way to get signed by a team for the 2024 Season and win some cash along the way.

What are the American Grid Trials?

➡️ A series of 12 skills tests that take less than 4 min each.

➡️ Each test has a different skill set focus (Strength, Bodyweight, Utility).

➡️ Only perform the tests YOU choose, from anywhere in the world.

➡️ Results are entered online via the Pr.Fit app and each test will have a cash prize pot.

➡️ Grid League teams will use the results to recruit for their teams in the next season.

Click here to learn more about what it is like to play in the Grid League.

NOTE – If you are currently registered for the Trials, you will have an account created for you in the ProFit app and you will receive an email with login instructions prior to the Submissions Opening date below.

Key Dates

2/1 – Tests Announced (price increase) – All 12 tests will be announced. Athletes can record test results after this time.

2/11 – Submissions Open ( price increase) – Athletes can begin submitting their test results in the Pr.Fit app. All submissions are video recorded and submitted easily through the app. Submissions must comply with Submission Rules.

2/29 – Submissions close – All submissions must be in by this date to be considered.

3/12 – All winners announced – Public access to data – Test results will begin to be released soon after submissions close, but all will be complete by 3/12. Once all are announced, the submission results will be made public in the Pr.Fit app.

General Rules

➡️ There are two divisions. The PRO division is for Grid League players who have played within the past two years. The PROSPECT division is for everyone else. Both divisions will enter scores in the same place and the judge will cross reference if a handle has played within the last two years.

➡️ The winner of each test division wins $100. IF the prospect division winner beats the pro division winner… the prospect gets BOTH prizes.

➡️ Players may submit results for as many tests as they like. There is no requirements for a minimum number of tests. Each test has a prize pool. There is no overall score.

➡️ Players may receive an invitation to sign with a team at any time. Newly signed players that have not yet played in the League are still eligible PROSPECTS.

➡️ There is no separation between men and women. This speaks to our unique characteristic of having men and women together on the same team and oftentimes competing head to head in races. Some tests are altered for each to account for natural physical differences. Each alteration has been tested to show a generally even outcome.

➡️ The test-winning prizes are meant to support the Grid League community. If you have participated in the Trials in both of the past two years and have not signed to a team, you are not eligible to win prizes.

Submission Rules


➡️ Please state your name, the test completed and the current year at the beginning of the video

➡️ Because these tests are so short, quality video submissions are more important than your average workout spanning several minutes. Standards are extremely important and will be enforced strictly.

➡️ Your full name and accurate gender must be identified in your Pro Fit account. You may be asked to fill out this information if incomplete prior to your test being considered.

➡️ IF WE CAN NOT DETERMINE IF THE STANDARDS ARE MET IN YOUR VIDEO, WE CANNOT ACCEPT IT. Please consider lighting; lens type and viewing angle with this in mind. Examples: Make sure the hips opening have a proper angle at the top of a squat or deadlift. Make sure we have a good angle to view the vertical plane of the pullup bar for bar muscle ups or toes to bar.

➡️ If rules/standards are not met, depending on the movement and the degree of violation there may be a time/rep penalty, or complete disqualification.

➡️ ALL weights (BOTH SIDES OF BARBELLS) must be fully identified by the number stamp. This includes the barbell by the end identification.

➡️ Any distances must be fully identified by a tape measure. This includes box heights, wall ball targets, rope climb targets, etc.

➡️ Video must be uncut and unedited.

➡️ Running clock must be shown in screen for the duration of the video. Timing app is acceptable.

Review the video prior to submission and ensure YOU feel the standards are properly met. It does you no good to submit a video in which YOU know standards are not met. These tests only take a few minutes. There will be plenty of time to re-do one if needed. Lastly, if a video is submitted and standards are not met we may or may not reject the video prior to the end of the testing period.

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