3 Major Assumptions I was wrong about – Breaking Down Initial Player Stats in the Grid League

My original assumptions about player stats in the Grid League have evolved based on the initial data we are getting from week 1. This change has greatly influenced the way fans will evaluate them in the Grid League as the sport grows.

Player Stats We Are Now Tracking

We now track five key stats in the Grid League: 1 Race Entries, 2 Race Entry Percentage, 3 Entry-to-Win Percentage, 4 Element Score, and 5 Impact Score

Defining the first 3:

– Race entries record the number of races a player participates in.
– Race entry percentage tells us what portion of the total available races a player partakes in.
– The entry-to-win percentage measures how often a player wins the races they enter.

However, these three stats are not that impactful early on in the season. Like batting averages in baseball, I expect their true value becomes evident toward the end of the season.

The remaining two, Element Score and Impact Score, are the ones that excite me the most as they paint a vivid picture of player performance during a race, a match, and the entire season.

Element Score and Impact Score

The Element Score is calculated by multiplying the number of reps performed by the element value. The element value is a number assigned by the league to each element within a race. It quantifies the importance of that movement to the race outcome. The Impact Score is the summation of all Element Scores within a race, match, or season… making it the main metric we will likely focus on, especially early in the Season.

A match format called Over Under illustrates how element values are applied to different movements. In the first two quadrants of this match, each rep has an element value of one due to their frequency and lower difficulty. Quadrants three and four feature fewer, more difficult reps yielding an element value of two. Element Values are applied to all elements throughout the match format ranging from 1-4.

Evolving and Shattered Assumptions

While observing these metrics, three of my initial assumptions about player stats have greatly evolved or been flat-out disproven.

1. Top Performers: I had expected that the standout performers we usually see in the league would maintain their prominence in these stats. Interestingly, some unexpected players have been near the top of the charts in certain instances, while some assumed high performers are nowhere near the top in these new metrics.

2. Strategic Patterns across Teams: I had anticipated seeing clear patterns across teams in their execution of individual match formats, but that hasn’t necessarily been the case. Different teams can have very different effective strategies, mirroring the diversity of successful strategies seen in other true team sports like football.

3. A Bias Toward Utility Players: I assumed that utility players, given their wider range of skills and total volume of work, would score higher in Impact Scores. However, the Element Score’s ability to account for the value of specific elements has leveled the playing field. We are now seeing body weight specialists, for example, ranking at the top in match formats like Roll Up.

In summary, the introduction of the Element Score and Impact Score is revolutionizing how we track and understand player performance in the Grid League. Not only are they providing us with fascinating insights, but they are also breaking our preconceived notions and changing the narrative around who the true stars of the league are. As we move forward, I look forward to seeing how these stats continue to evolve and shape the league.


If you want to see/hear some of the actual stats and a more detailed breakdown of the analysis, head to this YouTube video below where I show some of the real data we pulled. If you prefer to listen on the go, you can still gather most of the information in the podcast version also below. 

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Article by Mather Wiswall

Grid League Commissioner


Mather Wiswall is a lifelong designer and marketer. He has over 10 years of experience in running sports competitions.

Articles by Mather are generally about rule updates or the business behind the Grid League.