Some of our favorite moments of the 2021 Season, featuring players like Paula Leyes of the Miami Freaks, Roran Scott of the Palm Beach Breakers & Eric Cardona of the Fort Lauderdale Lions.

The action continues this weekend 10/9 to determine who will be crowned the 2021 Champ – South Beach Palms vs. Miami Freaks Gainesville Wild vs. Tampa Bay Brigade ? vs. ?

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0:00 – 4 Females Touch and Go Cleans 205 LB (Lion’s Middleton, Ace’s Davis, Wild’s Rader, Freak’s Rodriguez)
0:50 – Paula Leyes on Deficit Free Standing Handstand Push-Ups
1:05 – Deck to Pullover (Freak’s Franz Petitpapa, Lion’s Eric Cadorna, )
1:31 – Chris Acosta vs Tricia Davis on Flip Sled
2:36 – Marissa Oxenford on Deficit Free Standing Handstand Push-Ups
2:47 – Double Touch Movement
3:00 – Roran Scott on Hang Clean Movement
3:28 – Sam Martin and Chris Garrand on Suicide Run
4:15 – First Set by a Female in FGL History (Back-Up Rise of Heather Hudson
4:38 – Marcos Medina vs Sam Secord on Hand Farmer Carry
5:08 – Quentin Ambrosio on Butterfly Muscle Ups
—End of the Video—